Leak Detection


Does my pool have a leak? Answering that question can be hard. Environmental factors do play a role in the water level, and just because your pool’s water is lower than normal does not mean it has a leak. Wind, humidity, and sun exposure all impact your rate of evaporation.

Keep a lookout for these leak warning signs:

  • 1/4″ or more water dropping per day
  • Cracks, lifting or sinking in you deck
  • Cracks, lifting or sinking in the pool
  • Adding water more than once a week
  • Yard around the pool is soggy


Using a bucket and water in your pool is an easy and simple way to see if there is a leak or if the environment is causing the water loss. Turn off pool pump system. Put a bucket in your pool, on the steps, add water to the bucket that is equal height to your pool water. Wait 24 hours. Is there a difference in the height of the water in the bucket compared to the pool? If the bucket has more water than your pool then there is a chance there is water leaking out of your pool.

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Please have the pool clean and full the day of the Leak Detection Test. If a pool is green, cloudy, filled with debris locating leaks will be harder. Debris might be caught in the leak at the time and not show. Cloudy or dirty water will make seeing the bottom for cracks and holes harder or impossible. The water should be as clear as possible. Furthermore, your pool should be full to the normal level – we can’t find a leak that is not leaking! After your test/repairs, you can rest easy knowing you have a clean pool/spa that is free of leaks.